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Sky Father
"Great Father Sky Guard This Space From Above"

Sky Father spirit

Look within, say to yourself

Here is a place of peace

It is inside of me

Here is a place of content

Here inside true love is meant


Within yourself you should be sharing

Only you can do that caring

Your body you should nourish

Your mind you need to feed

To set you spirit free


Detach and do not be provoked

Only inside yourself can serenity be evoked

Listen to the I inside and see

That alone you can never be


Question not your worth and wealth

The answers are inside yourself

Nancy Wilson


"Great Mother Earth Nurture This Space From Below"
earth mother spirit

Mother means cherished memories and unselfish love, she was truly sent from the skies above,
her heart was made from pure gold, to us she will never grow old,
she'll always be there in happy times or sad, a true friend who will listen when we feel bad.

Her care and concern for family and friends is always present it will never end.
her strength will encourage us all, in our eyes she stands mighty and tall,
she was truly a woman like no other, thank you mum, for being our mother

A tribute to Lynda, from her daughters: Tracy, Heather, Zonia and Tara-jayne.



Spirit Guardians

spirit of the Coyote


Direction: South - Element: Water

Attribute: Clever, Quick Minded, Governs Emotions

"Spirit of the South, Great Spirit of the Water

Strenghten and Bring Peace to This Place"



Some day I'll begin

Some day I will win

Dreams do come true

Trust in it, is up to you

Indicision brings delays

Don't lament and lose the way

Dream on

Move on

Do your best

Your higher power will do the rest.

Nancy Wilson


Direction: West - Element: Fire

Attribute: Energy, Strong, Powerful, Determined-Cleanses

Spirit of the West, Great Spirit of Fire

Energise and Protect this Space

Bear spirit from North American native culture.

Grant that I may not so much seek

to be consoled

as to console

to beloved

as to love

for it is in giving

that we receive.


The soul grows by giving

The Spirit grows by serving

Give to life

Don't expect life to give to you

Nancy Wilson

Eagle spirit of the air

"eagle spirit "

Direction: east - Element: air

Attribute: Inspiration, Far Sighted, Fiercely Protective, Clarifies

Spirit of the East, Great Spirit of the Air

Bring Peace to This Place


If you have built castles in the air

Your work need not be lost;

That is where they should be

Now put foundations under them.

Nancy Wilson

spirit of the Buffalo

"Buffalo spirit "

Direction: north- Element: earth

Attribute: Grounding, Protective, Gives Knowledge of Life and Death, Guardian of Dreams

Great Spirit fo the North, Great Spirit of the Earth

Ground and Cleanse this Space

Trees don't sit around and worry about forest fires

The water in the pond doesn't fret over the turbulance it encountered up stream

I have never seen a Butterfly pry into others affairs

Creation is going about the business of living

If you keep your eyes open you can learn this too

You live in a world of wonders

Pay attention to their gentle wisdom.

Nancy Wilson



Other Indian Pictures


Native American Indian in fur skin robe
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