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Cocaine Lil & Morphine Sue poem, pictures by Nancy Wilson
an old folk poem illustrated by Nancy Wilson
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Cocaine Lil with dog & rat

Did you ever hear

About Cocaine Lil?

She lived in Cocaine town

On Cocaine hill.

She had a cocaine dog

and a cocaine cat.

They fought all day

with a cocaine rat.

There was Morphine Sue

And the Poppy Face Kid,

climbed up snow ladders

and down they slid.

There was Step Ladder Kit,

a good six feet

And the Sleigh Riding Sisters

who were hard to beat.

Morphine Sue climbing up snow ladders
Cocaine Lil goes to a snow party.

Lil went to a snow party

one cold night.

And the way she sniffed

was sure a fright.

There was Hophead Mac

and Dopey Slim.

Kamkakee Liz

and Yen Shee Jim

She had cocaine hair

on her cocaine head.

She had a cocaine dress

that was poppy red.

She wore a snowbird hat

and had sleigh riding clothes,

on her coat

was a crimson cocaine rose.

Cocaine Lil in her poppy red dress.
gold chariots, milky way, snakes & elephants, cocaine blues.

Big gold chariots

on the Milky Way,

Snakes and Elephants

silver and grey,

Oh the cocaine blues,

they make me sad.

Oh the cocaine blues,

they make me feel bad.

cociane lil in her snow bird hat.

They laid her out

In her cocaine clothes:

she wore a snowbird hat

with a crimson rose:

On her headstone

you'll find this refrain:

"She died as she lived,

sniffing cocaine".

Alone in the morning

about half past three

they were all lit up

like a Christmas tree;

Lil got home

and started for bed,

took another sniff

and it knocked her dead.

one last sniff of cocaine kills lil.
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