Nancy Wilson asserts her right to be identified as the artist who created the original pictures reproduced in this web site and owns the copyright to all the images shown. These images may not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever without obtaining the permission of Nancy Wilson.

For non-commmercial or charity use you are free to download and use the low resolution images contained in this website for any legal purpose, provided you comply with the following conditions:

Conditions: Apart from resizing the pictures and cropping the mount border or frame (if any), the images may not be altered in any way whatsoever.
Use of these images in publications such as student projects, flyers etc. must be accompanied a phrase like "copyright Nancy Wilson, Yorkshire" or "by kind permission of Nancy Wilson, Yorkshire". Use of the images on a WebSite must include a link to this site, and the artist Nancy Wilson must be clearly identified as the originator of these pictures.
By using these images you are assumed to have accepted these conditions, accepts no responsibility for the use of these images by a third party.
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